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FinTech Solutions that Empower Financial Freedom

Portfolio of Products

Cryptium, is a Monotonic Token, and has been built to protect against downward volitilaty (with an elastic supply mechanism), but that also allows for upside growth. 

Blending the best of both a Stablecoin and Altcoin, Cryptium protects value, and leverages market movements into potential growth and wealth.

Learn more at https://www.cryptium.finance/

Fatstack as a unique staking platform, that acts as a two-sided marketplace where risk averse and risk tolerant participants can maximize their passive income.​ The staking mechanism allows two main features not previously utilized in the crypto industry: 1. Monthly, Predictable Passive Income; and 2. Maximize Yield Farming Opportunities. 

Fatstack will enables participants generate significant passive income, superior to what banks currently offers.


Most Yield Farming services require participants to stake both token pairs of a liquidity pool. Fatstack will enable participants to stake only one side of the liquidity pair, depending on their risk profile: risk-averse or risk-tolerant.  

The AuDeFi Story

Image by Jonathan Kemper

As a team, we are passionate about all things decentralized, technology and blockchain. AuDeFi has thus been forged as the Financial Technology arm and subsidiary of Dragon's Vault, a Singapore investment and holding company, who's mission is to safe-guard humanity's financial well-being.

Like many of you, we were were frustrated after a fruitless search in seeking for financial solutions, that could truly help individuals and businesses. After realizing that the only way to move forward, was to build what was missing for ourselves, and to share it with you, AuDeFi then was born. 


As a portmanteau word, which blends: Autonomous, Decentralized, and Finance into the name of AuDeFi, it is also worth mentioning, that in the French, the word au défi appropriately means, the challenge.  


AuDeFi's challenge and mission is quite simple: to build FinTech Solutions that empower financial freedom.

On the Horizon

Decentralized Banking
Decentralized Pension
DCA Platform
Image by Ales Nesetril

AuDeFi is designing a Decentralized Banking Platform, which will leverage blockchain technologies for peer to peer and online banking services. Putting the power of banking into your own hands.  

One of AuDeFi's original visions was to create a Decentralized Pension Plan. And now with the creation of Cryptium and the nearing of the Fatstack platform, the foundation is being laid to build this DeFi Pension for anyone and everyone.  

Image by Zac Durant
Image by rupixen.com

DCA or Dollar Cost Averaging is a method of investing the same amount of money at regular intervals, like monthly or weekly. AuDeFi is developing a platform to facilitate automatic investing from your credit card to take advantage of DCA into your crypto portfolio.  

A One Million Dollar Prize

Yes, we are bragging! 

Patrick Poirier, Managing Partner of Dragon's Vault and CEO of AuDeFi, is awarding one million dollars of his own money in a contest, for young technologists between the ages of 14 - 18. 


"I wish to grant this award to a young person, who has used their own challenges as a catalyst to build an extreme determination to solve the impossible. I hope the recipient will lack an interest towards a materialistic lifestyle, and plans to use these funds toward accelerating progress for all humankind."

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To learn more or if you'd like to help fund future awards, check out the detail from the link below. 

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