AuDeFi is a financial technology company that offers a unique hybrid cryptocurrency venture capital fund.  Our mission is to safeguard the financial well-being of entrepreneurs and innovators around the world, so they can unleash their creativity without being beholden by large investors.

AuDeFi's recent launch of Cryptium, a decentralized financial asset for businesses to manage their excess cash, efficiently delivers high yields with low volatility to shield against excessive risks through steady cash flow streams.  It enables businesses to receive predictable dividends daily to replenish their bank account in order to cover their operational expenses.  For investors, Cryptium is a proxy that acts as Limited Partners and shares in the growth of the collective pool of businesses.


For the first time, a crypto-asset is designed to be non-speculative, as a trustworthy financial instrument for operating businesses.


High-yield, low volatility, predictable crypto-annuity

As a decentralized financial (DeFi) instrument, Cryptium is a high-yield, low volatility, crypto-annuity for businesses & individual investors purposefully built to manage cash efficiently at high return without excessive risks.

Extends operational cash flow

Businesses receive predictable dividends to replenish bank accounts  to cover operational costs. As opposed to Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, Cryptium is designed for predictable growth without excessive volatility plaguing the industry.

Backed by globally distributed investment fund

Dragon’s Vault from Singapore is sponsoring the development of Cryptium to become its core financial instrument supporting a portfolio of companies and their operational cash flow.

Introducing Cryptium

Purpose-built crypto annuity for business & individual investors



Stakers protected against loss of value

Cryptium is built on an elastic supply mechanism that is triggered when there is a significant drop in price.  The additional supply is added to the Stakers for protection against loss of value.  Only day traders who do not use staking will be at significant risk from market volatility.


Predictable annuity stream for risk-averse Stakers

Businesses or individuals willing to sacrifice a portion of the upside can benefit from a predictable and safe annuity stream over a period of 18 months.  This is managed through collateral provided by risk-tolerant investors, which essentially shifts the risk profile between market participants.


Staggered Annual Percentage Yield (SAPY) with initial 60% SAPY return

The ratio of collateral provided by risk-tolerant investors versus risk-averse Stakers will dedicate the current SAPY agreed upon between Stakers at the moment of their stake and valid for the next 18 months.


Equity-Free Yield on excess cash for businesses

Cryptium is designed to provide businesses with high yields and exposure to crypto-currencies without high volatility risks.


Pegged against gold for added safety

Collateral is provided in the form of PAXG, a stablecoin pegged against the Gold standard, as an internationally recognized stable asset.


Built on trusted & secure technology

Cryptium is designed to provide businesses & individuals with highly secure transactions and rigorous testing of  data model and simulations by our data scientists.




  • Initial token supply of 117 Million with elastic supply mechanism

  • 78 Million for an investment fund dedicated to attracting operational businesses

  • 2 Million tokens will be reserved for operational resources

  • 10 Million tokens will be sold OTC with a 30% discount from the dex price.

  • 27 Million tokens will be sold publicly on 1inch at an initial price of USD $0.0042937.

  • Note: Founding team will be buying Cryptium alongside everyone, there is no free dedicated token.




Q1 2021

Private crowdsale of $1,000,000 USD of Cryptium temporary token

Q3 2021

Fully functional token release & swapping


Staking portal available in all jurisdictions except the U.S.

Q1 to Q2 2021

Public Launch of Temporary Token on 1inch


Development of the Cryptium token and associate staking portal


Marketing and Adoption effort

Onboarding 2 companies per month

Q4 2021

Availability throughout the U.S.


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